My Mockjito

Well the Holidays are finally over, and if you’re like me you over did them a bit. Every year I say I will be good and not over indulge, and then every year it’s party after party and wine and food just seem to be inevitable.

Little Zinfandel also over indulged this holiday season.


After days of waking up with a foggy head (since I ran out of DrinkAde) I thought it best to give my body a rest from alcohol. Most years I have made some big resolution to give up alcohol all together at least for the month of January. Every year for the most part I get to about the 21st and break down and have a glass of wine. I then have tremendous guilt and the whole vicious cycle starts again. Although one year I went from January until May 10th (my birthday) with no alcohol whatsoever! 

This year though I have decided not to make this resolution but instead just be conscious of living a healthy life. With working at home it’s easy to snack all day long, it’s also easy to over consume wine and spirits when you are writing about them.

My mission is to learn how to live a life in moderation. I obviously cannot give wine up entirely because of these 3 facts:


1. It’s part of my job!

2. I own way to much of it

3. It’s just so damn good! 


I am starting off by not having my daily glass or two of wine. I’m going to do this for a few weeks, but if I do have a glass I won’t allow myself feel I failed. Next I will still go wine tasting and enjoy wine in a sensible way, One glass or two with friends will not kill me. I think the benefit of healthy looking skin and more energy will outweigh the lack of enjoying a glass of wine daily. 

I have discovered I just need something special in my glass to help my brain feel that I’m still having that special treat at the end of the day. I have created a few “Mocktails” over the years including my Herbed Tonic and my New Year’s Resolution Mocktail. Each of these are great alternatives, and this week I created another, My Mockjito! 

My Mockjito is a “Virgin Mojito” of sorts. The flavors of lime and mint with bubbles how good is that?! I kept the calorie count down by not adding any additional sweetener the light amount of sweetness in the limeade seems to be just right.  The thing we all need to remember when giving up wine and spirits is to not substitute with something that is sugary and high in calories. 

If you are on Dry January or just want to have a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail give My Mockjito a try! 

how good is that

    My Mockjito
    Serves 1
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    1. 1/4 cup Limeade
    2. 3 sprigs mint (about 15 leaves removed from stems)
    3. 2 wedges of lime
    4. ice
    5. club soda
    6. rocks glass
    1. Start by placing the leaves of the mint into the glass. Next take 1 wedge of lime (size depends on how tart you'd like) and cut it into 4 small pieces. Now muddle these ingredients in the glass to break them up and to release the oils from the mint and lime rind, as well as the juice from the lime.
    2. Now fill with ice, pour over the limeade and top with club soda. Stir and garnish with lime wedge and a sprig of mint to be festive.
    Shaun Myrick

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