Elegant & Fun St. Patrick’s Day Table

So much thought is often placed into holiday table settings, but settings for St. Patrick’s Day are rarely discussed. If you think about it, St. Patrick’s Day is a very food-based holiday. I think about the color green and then of course, about that quintessential St. Patrick’s Day dish, corned beef and cabbage. The meal is very basic with not a lot of fuss, so why not make the table look grand? 

St. Patrick's Day table


Here are my tips for creating an elegant & fun looking

St. Patrick’s Day table.

  • Start by using a white tablecloth as a base.
  • You want to use things that are green — different shades and styles. I have this great old hard plastic handled silverware that just happen to be green. I use green circle place mats and green napkins, as well.
  • I like to use crystal. Ireland is known for their Waterford crystal so let some sparkle on your table.
  • I also use a combination of candles and oil lamps — they provide flickering light reminiscent of old Ireland. I like to use green Glassybaby votives as well as gold votive holders (like a pot of gold) and taller pillar candles.
  • Instead of flowers as the centerpiece, why not try a potted shamrock? Right now, you can find them in most grocery stores for three dollars or less. Shamrocks are really easy to keep alive and can go outside in the summer. What’s more, you’ll have a part of Ireland in your home year round.
  • Keep the table to white and green; the white will show off the food and the green will pop emphasizing St. Patrick’s Day.

Incorporate these tips with what you have on hand and you’ll set a great and elegant St. Patrick’s Day table!

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