Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen

Get those Pots & Pans Sparkling!

Even though I keep my house pretty spotless we can all over look things. My pots and pans hang on a rack above my range. This is great for easy access but if you don’t use all the pans regularly the steam from cooking combined with grease splatters and dust can accumulate. My pots and pans started to have a build up and so I spent the other day scrubbing them so they shine! 

Here are some photos to show you my tips for cleaning your pots and pans. 

Even though the pans were clean, they had started to get a layer of dust and grime. Also burnt on oil etc had started to discolor the bottoms.

Build up and stains.

Use a damp sponge with a scrubby side and lightly work the powder around to remove the build up. Depending on your build up you may need to use some muscle.

After scrubbing fully wash with hot soapy water, rinse, and dry! 

All the hard work paid off look at the shine!

You can almost use them as a mirror!


Even if you store your cookware in a cupboard and don’t get a build up like I do, you may still want to spring clean your cookware. When you cook a big meal and spend a lot time in the kitchen by the time it’s time for clean up you can be tired. I am the first to admit by the time of clean up I don’t scrub the pots and pans as best I could. I wash them fully of course but allow myself to miss things such as the black build up that can happen on the bottom of pans like my Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

Here is how I gently clean these pans.   

Dark build up over time can build on the bottom of the pot.

To clean the build up I like to use Baking soda as an abrasive.

On my le creuset I like to use a scouring pad that helps remove the build up with out scratching.

If the baking soda needs help getting into groves like where the pan is stamped add a little white vinegar.

The vinegar bubbles up!

The inside of the pan can get marks if you use a metal utensil.

add baking soda and lightly scrub.

After scrubbing with baking soda or bar keepers friend then use hot soapy water to clean and rinse fully. 

All clean and like new!


While you have the scouring pad and barkeepers friend out, get that sink fully clean! My biggest pet peeve is going to someones house and their sink is dirty. You wash dishes and vegetables clean in the sink so you don’t want it to be a dingy gross part of your kitchen! 


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