Don’t Skip Mulching for a Great Garden

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As you know by now, I love to garden and I love for my yard to look very well manicured. The best way to keep the yard looking its best (and to really impress guests) is to make sure you mulch the flowerbeds. Doing this gives a fresh manicured look to your yard instantaneously.

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Many gardeners like to mulch in the fall, but I prefer to do it in the spring. Either way, it benefits your plants. In the fall, you want to make sure you spread out the mulch before it gets really cold. In the spring, you want to do it once it starts to warm up.

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Mulching adds nutrients back to the soil, so it’s an important step. In nature, nutrients get added to the soil when leaves fall off trees and become compost. But in most of our urban yards, we rake up the leaves and toss them out with the yard waste, never giving them the opportunity to do their job.

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Reasons why you should add mulch/compost to the soil:

  • Keeps the soil moist.

  • Helps add air to the soil and prevent the soil from being compacted.

  • Helps keep the soil temperature consistent.

  • Adds much needed nutrients back to the soil.

  • Helps keeps weeds under control.

  • Lastly, mulching gives you that freshly manicured look!


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