End of Summer Harvest 2015

End of summer 2015 is nearing with Labor Day weekend here. My garden is slowing down and looking a little ragged after the intense storm that we had this past weekend, the worst August storm on record for the region. This morning on my walk around the yard I snapped some photos to share with you what I’m still harvesting. Enjoy!

how good is that

Apple Green Eggplants

Every few years I grow Eggplants, this year it’s been fun to try a new variety that stays a light green color! I think I will try using them to make my Vegetarian Moussaka!

Brussels sprouts

You can see the baby Brussel Sprouts forming which should be ready for Thanksgiving and my Savory Autumn Salad!

corn cob

My corn did very poorly this year, it never got over 4 feet tall and none of the ears formed, this one did but I didn’t find it in time and it’s over ripe. I guess I will have to buy fresh corn to make my Grilled Corn Salad!

Green Beans

Green Beans never seem to fail, I have been harvesting I think since late June without any slow downs, and I don’t see them slowing any time soon. I love making my Summer Green Beans!


I grew all my peppers under a hot house this year and they thrived! I have harvested over 50 Jalapeños from 2 plants! More Spicy Infused Spirits coming! Also they freeze perfectly for the winter!

Lemon Drop Peppers

I haven’t tried this pepper yet but it’s called a Lemon Drop, it’s suppose to have a citrus note to the flavor!

mini pumpkins

Aren’t those little pumpkins so cute!


I tried growing my pickle cucumbers on a trellis this year, it worked pretty well, but I still had the problem of forgetting to harvest when little and they grow so big so fast!

scotch bonnet peppers

This is a Scotch Bonnet Chili, this is my first to ripen! They have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 on the rating scale, a Jalapeño is 2,500 to 8,000!

Sweet Cayenne Peppers

These long chili peppers are Sweet Cayenne, I will use them to make my Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jelly!


The Tomatillos have grown great this year, but for some reason they have popped out of their husks, never had this happen before. I will pick them all to make my Green Tomato Salsa! They also freeze perfectly!


The Tomatoes are still ripening even though the plants look terrible. I had to deal with White Mildew this summer and then once the rain started the plants started turning black. I still harvest about 20-30 pounds ever few days! Lots of Canning in my future weeks.


The Zucchini is the gardeners best and worst friend, they seem to never stop producing!


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