DIY Cork Craft- Cork Sputnik

Cork Sputnik

I don’t know if you are like me and you save every cork from every bottle you open? I do this knowing at some point I will use them, use them for what I don’t know.


I have done many crafts with corks over the years like my Cork Garland

cork garland

I like to use corks as decor for my many wine tasting parties have like to make them into interesting decor as well as just filling decorative vases full of them. Recently I started to make these Cork Sputniks! They are so easy and your friends will think they are so cool. You can make them in all different sizes. I have used them as table decor at parties or just on a book shelf as a random object. 

Cork Crafts

Take your extra corks and make a Cork Sputnik this weekend! 

how good is that


Cork Sputniks
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What you need
  1. styrofoam balls, different sizes
  2. hot glue gun
  3. corks
  1. This is so simple! All you have to do is glue the corks to the ball. Get them as close together as possible. You will see some of the styrofoam, if you don't like seeing the white you could spray paint the ball first, or Spray paint the whole Sputnik when you are done!
Shaun Myrick

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