Spirited Baby Bu Heals Loss

If you’ve opened up your heart to a pet, you know how difficult it is when you lose that pet. Last year was a particularly difficult year for Kevin and me because we lost our much-beloved duo of Mykonos and Skylos.

One of the ways we eventually got through the sorrow was to get a new kitten. Buddha, or Baby Bu as he came to be known, added life and spirit back into the house and that was just what we needed.

Elfie was best friends with our cat Mykonos and when he passed away from cancer, she went into a depression. Getting Baby Bu, really helped pull her out of the depression and then helped her with the loss of Skylos.

Today, we’re celebrating one year since Baby Bu came home. Enjoy these photos from this past year with Buddha!


First photo I ever saw of the little beast. 


Elfie kept her eyes on him at all times. 

4 5

The tongue is always sticking out, still to this day. 


The most precious when he was asleep.


Senior Citizen Skylos was not into this new addition to the family. 

8 9

No one was safe from him.

10 11


We tried to return him to Nordstrom.


We caged him!


He loves to be in the bathtub and loves water. 


He wasn’t very happy that he was Neutered. 

why did you neuter me

The tail has a life of it’s own. 

bu tail Buddha cat smile

He likes to ‘help’ with blog posts. 

computer cat

He is a good design assistant. 


He’s a big help when you drop a bag of food. 


Elfie tells him how he should behave. 

elf & bu

Lounging on your shoulders is his favorite place to be. 

shoulder cat

He lives a good life. 


how good is that