Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho — Refreshing and Bright

Wines of Portugal

Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho — Refreshing and Bright

Let’s start our trip through the wines of Portugal with a light, crisp and very drinkable Alvarinho from the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. This region is at the very northern tip of the country, by the Spanish border and although it’s sibling Albariño grows next door, Portugal’s version has a different character.


The Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho is crisp, bright and very fruit forward. The minerality of the soil really comes through, and that’s good because the granite undertones keep this wine on the not-too-sweet side. Stone fruit prevailed — nectarine, and this combined nicely with the wine’s low alcohol content (12.5%) for a very refreshing glass of wine.


This is an excellent bottle for the price, if you can find it and it’s well worth the search if you’re looking for a nice wine that pairs beautifully with salads, seafood, pasta and Asian cuisine. In other words, this stuff is great in summer and the price point makes it even more attractive. You can find it online for well under $20 — $10 if you look.

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