Tip Toeing Thru The Tulips

It’s always a nice change of pace to get outta town. Well this week Kevin, Napa Cab and I ventured north to the Skagit Valley to the Tulip Festival. Of course the free day we had to hit the road was another dreary wet day here in Washington. By the time we arrived in the valley it was just a soggy mess, we actually never got out of the car seeing as our rain jackets were still at home. Even from the car window the tulip fields were beautiful. Enjoy a few photos I snapped along the way and as an instagram follower pointed out, the tulips almost stand out more on a grey day than a bright sunny day! 

Download a map of the festival here

It’s a sea of color, I prefer to see them with blue sky but not always possible in the Pacific Northwest. Notice the mud!

Mud cropped out.

I love the rich purple tulips, but look at all the MUD!

Little more rain and you can row a boat down the rows of tulips!

Such beautiful colors.

More wet rows of tulips

I love the random yellow Tulips mixed into the sea of red Tulips!

To finish the day we dropped into Milbrandt Vineyards tasting room in Woodinville to pick up some wine for future reviews and Napa Cab got to experience his first wine tasting room! I like to say this is the first Napa Cab in a Washington tasting room!


how good is that

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