Road Trip to Napa

I5Kevin and I love to take road trips along the West Coast. This time, we went to celebrate Jason’s graduation from Chico State University and we couldn’t have been more proud. We started off leaving Seattle and heading to Portland for the first night. It was then on to Sacramento for the weekend. It was a great weekend full of parties and family.


(Congrats Jason)


(On I-5 south of Portland, Irish farms)


(Rice paddy by Sacramento)


(Beautiful Sunset on the road from Paradise to Chico)


Up next were a few days in Napa where we relaxed and tasted wines. We also planned it out so we could pick up some of our wine club shipments instead of having to pay the shipping.

Kasten Wines

We had a lot of fun, saw old friends and met new ones along the way. We also got to sit in a vineyard and drink wine that had been grown and barreled all in the same place. It was an experience I will always remember.

grapes grapes1 grapes2

Along the way, I gave my Margarita Cookies as gifts to new friends and hotel staff. I like to give something special to the staff to help them have a good day. It also helps for the staff to remember us throughout our stay and (importantly) on future stays. When I ran out of cookies, I shared my Green Tomato Salsa with everyone. In fact, I traded a few jars for a bottle of wine!

August Briggs

I love the Napa/Sonoma region; there are so many amazing wineries and places to see. I love that everyone has the passion for wine and food and life!

I cannot wait to go back.


how good is that