Pretty in Pink Party!

Rosé TastingMy love of Rosé led me to have a Rosé themed tasting party. Guests had to bring a bottle of Rosé and we opened them all. We ended up sampling upwards of 18 different bottles. I titled the event “Pretty in Pink, Rosé wine tasting”. Everyone had to come wearing some pink as well, even Elfie wore a pink collar. We had a lot of great fun, sampling the different Rosés and enjoying each others company. 

friends pug

Since the party was planned for so close to Bastille Day I decided the menu would have a bit of a French flair. I made a giant Salad Niçoise platter (with green beans from the garden), a rustic Zucchini Galette (with a zucchini from the garden), French Tomato Tart, Savory Blue Cheese Galette, Gazpacho, Black Olive Tapenade, Mushroom Pâté, and an interesting Red Beet Hummus. 

french tomato tart gazpacho salad nicoise platter zucchini galette

For decorations pink was the key feature. I had pink tissue paper pompoms, pink Chinese lanterns, pink napkins, pink votive candles, as well as my DIY Cork garland.  I also spray painted large letters to spell out wine in a bright pink. While the spray paint was out I also painted a few rocks so that they could hold down the stacks of napkins, in case it got windy. 

rosé tablerosé party 2 rosé party 3 rosé party 4 rosé partyI made a little judging sheet for everyone so that we could rank our favorite Rosé wines, of course this was accented in pink as well.  I went to Office Depot and bought a bunch of pink Sharpie’s and little clipboards to make it easy for everyone to take their notes. 

Rosé tasting Rosé TastingFor the tablecloth I went to Joann fabrics and bought three yards of outdoor fabric. This makes for a great outdoor tablecloth and afterwards you can save it for another time or make it into outdoor pillows or something. 


I hope you enjoyed these photos and get inspired to throw your own Rosé tasting party! 

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