A New Year’s Tree!

Every year I go all out and decorate our home for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving. By the time Christmas is over, I’m ready for all the decorations to go away and to have less clutter.   I hate to take down the Christmas lights and tree down as it’s still so dark early in the afternoon — I enjoy the extra light!


So, on Boxing Day, I start taking down most of our holiday decorations and I pack them away carefully. I leave the tree up, but take all the ornaments off and pack them away, sorted by color and style.   In case you missed it check out my tips, here

New Years Tree 1

I then go and buy cheap New Year’s decorations like streamers, balloons, top hats, crowns, clocks — anything that the local drug store or party might supply have.   I then re-decorate the tree as a New Years tree!  

New Years Tree2

I hope you’ll make a New Years tree this year to help ring in 2015!

Happy New Year!

how good is that

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