Memorial Day BBQs

I love hosting outdoor parties and so every year, I can’t wait for Memorial Day. It’s really the kick-off for the summer season and BBQs. There is nothing better than a yard looking its best, beautiful sunny weather and having friends over to enjoy it all with some great food and drink.

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Of course, it’s fun to add little decorations to your yard to help celebrate the beginning of the summer outdoor season. Since Memorial Day is about honoring our veterans, I like to use classic red, white and blue, starting with the American flag.


You can buy all sorts of decorations with the red, white and blue them and the best part is, you can re-use them come the 4th of July. I’ve even repurposed some of my Memorial Day decorations for election night parties and the like. You can find inexpensive décor to deck out your yard in all sorts of stores here in Seattle like Display and Costume or at Bartell’s.


When it comes to BBQs, I like to serve food that is easy to make — classic, yet simple dishes that invite improvisation like hamburgers, potatoes and salads. You can make them healthy (or not) by adding and subtracting ingredients. Why not try adding roasted peppers or different kinds of cheeses to hamburgers? You can dress potatoes all sorts of ways, from the classic mayonnaise-based sauces to mustard and oil and vinegar. The sky is the limit and this is what is great about cooking and eating outdoors — make it fun. I usually grill up my Classic Veggie Burgers for outdoor parties. Everyone loves them and no one misses those frozen hamburger patties that go thump when they hit the grill. Plus, my meatless hamburgers are a hit with vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

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When you’re coming up with your outdoor grilling menu, just remember to make the meal classic and simple and, most of all, enjoy your friends and family! Happy Memorial Day week from Elfie & I!