It’s Here!

Welcome to my new website! Thank you for visiting. This is a sort of “pre-release”, as our team continues to work on the site. Over the next few months you’ll be seeing updates and improvements.

In the meantime, please enjoy what is here.  Your comments or feedback are greatly appreciated.



Shaun Myrick loves to be @home. Cultivating a garden, picking the freshest ingredients for a dinner with friends, making it yourself, adding the finishing touches to beautify a room… You’ll find Shaun’s easy tips, recipes and ideas designed to inspire you to eat, live and play — everyday.

Shaun lives in Seattle with his happy taste-tester Kevin, dogs Skylos and Elfie and cat Mykonos. They share a comfortable and casual home surrounded by a generous urban garden.

Shaun’s design company has created beautiful living spaces since 2004.




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