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The new year brings about a time when we all want to get healthy. Have you thought about making sure your pets are healthy too? Many dogs and cats are over weight just like their human counterparts.

Yogurt spoon

I like to know exactly what my pets are eating and what ingredients are in their foods.   This is why I created Elfie Biscuits (recipe coming soon) and why I’m also working on a cat treat recipe.   It is important for our pets to have whole, healthy, fresh foods — just like us.

Elfie Biscuits

One way I do this is to give Greek yogurt to both Elfie and Buddha. One teaspoon with their food in the morning and evening and they are content. The probiotics in the yogurt are good for their digestion, just as they are for ours. Buddha loves his yogurt so much he screams for it every morning.

Cat approved

Another great thing for them is pumpkin. A teaspoon of pureed organic pumpkin with their food gives them the fiber they need.   You can also make biscuits with the pumpkin — yet another delicious way for them to get the fiber they need.   I like to just mix the pumpkin puree with Elfie’s food. She has to take an antihistamine pill with her meals and so the pumpkin is an easy way to mix it all together and she’ll down the pill.

I hope you’re pets will get a chance to try these two foods. If they are anything like Elfie and Buddha, they will love them!   Cats after all love yogurt, but not the container so much. Check out these clips!  Also if you want to see more pictures of Elfie and Buddha make sure to follow me on Instagram, and search the hashtag #adventuresofElfandBu

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