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Boxing Day has a literal meaning for me — the day after Christmas, I start boxing up everything. I love to celebrate Christmas, with the build-up of all the parties and decorations. Once the day has come and gone, I’m done, ready to go back to a more simple, healthy and clutter-free life.

Here are my tips for boxing up the Christmas tree. 

Remove all the ornaments. I like to take them all off and place them on the dining room table. This way you can pack them away in the right order. 


Remove the ornament hooks. I pack away all the hooks in a Ziplock bag. This way, the hooks are stored together and they won’t scratch the ornaments.

Wrap each ornament in tissue paper. If you have more fragile ornaments use some bubble wrap.   Also, if the ornament came with its own box, return it to its box.
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Separate the ornaments out by color. I like to make sure all my ornaments are separated into individual colors. This year, my color themes were silver and red. Perhaps next year, I’ll use green and red ornaments. However I decide to decorate, it will be easier to know the ornaments are already separated by color.
ornament inventory

Place the heavier ornaments in the bottom of your packing tub. I store my Christmas décor in Rubbermaid plastic tubs with attached lids. This way, they are protected from moisture as well as from any additional damage.
ornament box
Remove the ribbon from your tree and wrap each strand around your hand so that the ribbons stay tangle-free.

I like to package any sticks or other non-fragile large objects in kitchen garbage bags.
Keep your tree lights tangle-free by wrapping them around a spare piece of cardboard.


If you follow these Christmas tree boxing tips, your holiday ornaments will stay in perfect condition and you will provide yourself with a stress free start to next Christmas.

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