Almost done!


First of all please forgive the dark iPhone photo, I forgot my camera at home this morning.

It seems every day the Studio gets closer and closer to being finished.  

Lighting went in today and it all turned out exactly how I had planned.  I love how the orb light fixture really is a centerpiece yet does not distract from the other details I have included throughout the space.

Tomorrow they finish painting and touch up where it’s needed.  The TV for my photo galleries will also be installed tomorrow, which means I have to get to work editing my photos! 

Next week the outdoor sign goes up and the rug goes into the showroom and we will be complete!   

This has been an exciting project, it’s been exciting getting to do a project for myself and not for someone else.   

I cannot wait to have everyone check out my new Studio and I’m sure this will become a very productive studio for me. 

how good is that

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