A Good Life

There are so many great things on the horizon. Just this past Friday, I officially launched this website during a party at my new design studio in Seattle. It was humbling to have so many people come and show their support for my new adventure.


Behind the scenes, it’s been a nerve-wracking experience because after five plus years of dreaming and planning, it’s amazing to know that my dreams are becoming a reality. The launch party was a success on so many levels — it was well received and I gained four new clients. I could not be more pleased.


The evening has kept the following saying top-of-mind, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Many of the guests asked how I planned to make money with this website and who my clients would be. The simple answer is that all of you are my clients. I plan on teaching everyone at least one or two new things that will make it easy to live a casual but good life. My design services will be the “money making” part of this site, but the extra bonus for you is that there will be recipes, party ideas, pet tips, gardening advice and so much more easily available right here.


I hope you are all up for sharing this adventure with me as we all begin living a good life.


how good is that

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