Zucchini Roll Antipasti with EFESTE Evergreen

I recently had the honor of making small bites for a retirement party, one of the favorite bites I created were these Zucchini Roll Bites. They are so simple and yet pack a powerful punch of flavors.

Lightly grilling the zucchini slices give them that charred smokey flavor combine that flavor with the salty prosciutto and the nutty Parmesan it’s amazing. The great thing with this simple appetizer you can change up the dynamic by changing the seasonings.  The first time I made them I seasoned them with Oregano which as delightful and paired perfectly with our Italian theme.

The second time I made these I knew I wanted them to pair with the dry Evergreen Riesling from EFESTE. I substituted the dried Oregano with dried Dill which gave a fresh ‘grassy’ quality to the bites and paired perfectly. 

It may seem time consuming to grill each slice, especially when making a bunch of these for a crowd, but I find this repetitive work of grilling, filling, and rolling meditative. 

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Zucchini Antipasti
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  1. zucchini, small to medium (about 10 slices per zucchini)
  2. prosciutto (slices cut the same size as the zucchini width)
  3. parmesan
  4. dried dill or oregano
  1. Start by cutting the ends of the zucchini off and then with a mandolin or sharp knife, slice each zucchini lengthwise into thin slices, I use the 1.5mm blade on my mandolin.
  2. With a grill pan or your outdoor grill, lightly grill each slice until you have nice grill marks, DO NOT BURN. You are only grilling to make the zucchini a bit softer and get a nice grill mark.
  3. On each zucchini slice, lay a slice of prosciutto, sprinkle with Parmesan and then the herb of choice. Starting at one end gently roll each slice up and place into a baking sheet.
  4. In a 400 degree oven bake the rolls until the cheese has melted, about 10 minutes. Serve hot, but will also taste great as they get to room temperature.
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