Meyer Lemon Limoncello

One way I enjoy to use up my Meyer Lemon harvest is to make homemade Limoncello. Limoncello is typically made with normal lemons but I like to use my homegrown Meyers because well I grew them and I know they are organic!

Limoncello is an Italian Liqueur mainly produced in the Southern part of Italy. It’s a popular after dinner digestivo. Limoncello should be served chilled, you can easily store it in the freezer since the alcohol won’t freeze and it will always be perfectly chilled.

I have been making my own Limoncello for years, mainly using store bought regular lemons, which you can easily use in my recipe below. Limoncello is a perfect small gift to give to friends and family at the holidays. Collect small decorative stopper bottles throughout the year and you’ll be ready for Christmas.

Start by using a vegetable peeler and peel off the rind. Try to get as little of the white pith as possible. Most recipes will tell you get NO WHITE PITH, but I have found that you don’t have to stress about a little. I like to use glass lidded canisters for making my liqueurs because you can watch the progress easily.

Next add in the 100 proof vodka! Then let this mixture sit for 40 days in a cool dark place. Doesn’t have to be pitch black, just no direct light.

After 40 days add in a second bottle of vodka, as well as the cooled sugar water mixture. Let sit another 40 days.

On day 80, strain off the peels, and now you’re ready to bottle!

Homemade Limoncello is delicious on it’s own or as part of a cocktail such as my classic Lemon Drop!


Meyer Lemon Limoncello

Takes 80 days but it’s easy and worth the result!
Author Shaun Myrick


  • 20 Meyer Lemons
  • 2 bottles 100 proof vodka 750 ml each
  • 5 cups water
  • 4 cups white sugar



  • Wash all your lemons thoroughly. With a vegetable peeler zest each lemon, try to not get any white pith but as I said above a little won’t hurt your product. 
  • Juice all your now skinless lemons, you can easily freeze the juice in ice cube trays for future use. 

Day 1

  • Place all the peels into a large glass canister/jar with lid. Add in one bottle of the 100 proof vodka, set aside for 40 days.  Store in a cool dark location. 

Day 40

  • Make a simple syrup mixture by combining the water and the sugar in a sauce pan over medium heat. Heat for about 10 minutes until all the sugar has fully dissolved. Let cool. 
    Now add the cooled sugar mixture and the second bottle of vodka to the lemon mixture. Stir and place lid back on and let sit another 40 days. 

Day 80

  • Time to strain off the liquid from the solids. Lightly press the peels to extract as much liquid. 
    Now bottle up in small decorative bottles to gift! Or you can easily place into larger bottles for you own use and store in freezer to always have a chilled digestivo after dinner. You can also store in your liquor cabinet until needed. 
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